Every Thursday Bottomless Tropical Margaritas & BBQ Jerk Shrimp

Ahoy there, mih foodie friends!

If yuh thought Trini life couldn’t get any sweeter, well, I’ve got news for yuh. 📣 Every Thursday, we’re bringing a lil’ slice of paradise right to yuh doorstep with 🍹Bottomless Tropical Margaritas & 🍤BBQ Jerk Shrimp. Yes, yuh heard right. Bottomless. As in, yuh could drink till yuh heart’s content, or till yuh start seeing doubles of the doubles man. 😂

Now, I know what yuh thinking. “Bottomless Tropical Margaritas? That sounds like a one-way ticket to Tipsy Town.” 🍹🍹 And yuh right! But don’t worry, we’ve got yuh covered with our 🍤BBQ Jerk Shrimp, seasoned to perfection with a Trini twist. It’s the perfect balance to keep yuh grounded while yuh sipping on yuh liquid sunshine. ☀️

Our Tropical Margaritas are a blend of the finest local fruits – think juicy pineapples🍍, ripe mangoes🥭, and a dash of passionfruit for that extra kick. It’s like a beach party in yuh mouth, minus the sand in yuh shorts. 😜 And the best part? It’s bottomless. Yuh could drink till the sun comes up, or till yuh start speaking in tongues, whichever comes first. 🤪 1 Hour max

But let’s not forget about the star of the show – our 🍤BBQ Jerk Shrimp. These little fellas are marinated in a blend of traditional jerk spices, then grilled to perfection over an open flame. 🔥 The result? A smoky, spicy, and downright addictive dish that’ll have yuh coming back for more. And when yuh pair it with our Tropical Margaritas, it’s like a carnival in yuh mouth, minus the sweat and the sore feet. 🎉

So, if yuh ready to take a trip to paradise without leaving yuh seat, join us every Thursday for 🍹Bottomless Tropical Margaritas & 🍤BBQ Jerk Shrimp. It’s a Trini tradition in the making, and yuh don’t want to miss out. 🇹🇹

Remember, in Trini, we don’t just eat and drink, we lime. 🍈 So, grab yuh friends, grab yuh family, and come lime with us. And remember, the only thing that’s not bottomless at our Thursday lime is the fun. 😆

So, come on down and experience the best of Trinidad’s culinary scene. 🍽️ We promise yuh won’t regret it. After all, who could say no to bottomless margaritas and BBQ jerk shrimp? Not me, that’s for sure. 🙌

Until next time, keep yuh belly full and yuh spirits high. Cheers to good food, good drinks, and good company. 🥂